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End of the show… May 1, 2008

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This is my final post for this assignment and you have no idea how excited I am about this coming to an end. Honestly, I really hated doing this assignment. This is the first time i initiated a blog and how i wish i didn’t have to. I thought it was such a pain: writing a post every week and leaving comments on other people’s blog just because it was graded on it.  Most people only just comment on their friends blogs because of the reassurance that they know each other. Sometimes, when i read a blog, i really don’t know what to comment on it. In the end, i just end up agreeing or disagreeing about the issue that is in the blog. I have seen very well-written blogs through this assignment and when i see who the author is, i feel surprised. I would have never imagined them to write in a very elegant yet interesting way. The hardest part of this assignment was to think of a topic and attribute to a concept or theory in social psychology. I am someone that hates to write something that everyone will be able to gain access to. Don’t get me wrong: I love writing, but i rather keep it to myself  especially if it involves my feelings. This blog assignment was a real killer for me because when i was writing a post, i realized that everyone would be able to read my thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Thus, i would not really explain how i felt in the situation as i would have if people did not gain access to it. On a final note, this blog assignment was definetly an eye opener for me and believe it or not, there were some parts of the journey that i actually enjoyed.


Signing off,

Shereen Masuthu


Drink… Drinking… Drunk…! April 28, 2008

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I work in an office near boat quay- a place that is filled with night life. Going to work on a saturday morning, i always see a group of drunk people outside a club at around 8 am refusing to go home to my astonishment. They are mostly out of control and have no sense of what is happening around them. Seeing people vomitting is not what i would like my eyes to see first thing on a saturday morning. Why do people drink till they are out of control? It is really ironic, that a guy who is already vomitting, has a beer can in his hand and still continue to drink. Why does this happen? Is it because of peer pressure OR conforming to the environment that they are in?

I have friends who drink just because they are in a club. They are conforming to the clubbing environment thinking that it is a place that you should drink if not you will be frowned upon. Friends forcing one another to drink also leads to them not being able to hold their liquor thus making a fool out of themselves.

Is it ever possible for one to drink and not go overboard. Alcohol tends to make one lose control if over consumed: I’m sure everyone knows this yet they still go overboard! I’m not saying that drinking is wrong, rather being drunk and losing control is wrong. So please, don’t succumb to peer pressure and conformity because if you do, u end up being laughed at for the nonsensical stuff you do when not in control.




Money Money Money… April 4, 2008

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                                Money is the root of all evil

Nowadays, students work part time while studying… What is the reason for this? Why is money so important that they sometimes have to sacrifice their sleep, energy and even classes just to go to work? If you work for longer hours, it is more detrimental towards your studies. Working students usually feel that their studies suffered as a result of their employment. Producing poor assignments, not having enough time to study for tests, falling asleep during class hours, missing out social events etc. So why? Why do students put their studies and future in jeopardy…..?

Why do students need the money?

  1. To buy clothes, handphones, shoes, accessories, birthday presents
  2.  to go out with friends to movies, clubbing, dinner
  3. to pay off debts, loans etc
  4. to be independent

I have friends who work and planning to go out with them takes alot of effort due to their work schedules. Managing work and education is not easy. But, working while studying does give some benefits.

Working part-time can be a fulfilling experience for students who are ready to take on additional commitments and responsibilities as well as enjoying the rewards of money. Students should always assess the studying workloads to ensure that their job does not interfere with their studying life.

 In Singapore, education and money plays a huge role in everyone’s life. That is why students are working towards that so that have a fruitful and prosperous future ahead of them.

So what do you think? Should students work while studying? OR finish studying, then work? I cant decide.. Can you…?



… Please don’t stop the music … March 22, 2008

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Clubbing…. An atmosphere that is made up of more than just music, lights, alcohol, intoxication and dancing. It’s about the way you look in a club. How one dresses determines how others rate or categorizes you. Everyone knows that a girl takes the longest time to get ready. I know i take an hour to get ready just for school. When it concerns clubbing, i definetly need more time. I need to decide on alot of things: from clothes till shoes. There’s an extra effort put into dressing when it concerns clubbing. Why is that so? If it is a just a place to unwind and dance, why must one put alot of effort into dressing?

Short skirts, halter tops, low cut tops, tight skinny jeans, bling bling accessories and high heels are all associated when clubbing. When one person does not follow this socially constructed dress code, they are frowned upon. What do others see in us? Do you think about other people making judgements about you? What sort of impression do you make on people that you meet for the first time when you go clubbing? 

People go clubbing for different interests. Some to enjoy with their friends and others to pick up an attractive partner.  

Imagine this: A girl wears a short miniskirt and is dancing with her friends on the dancefloor. A guy sees this girl and thinks that she is an easy target. He makes a move on her and she does not retaliate. Her friends push the guy away from her.  This scenario shows that just because of the way the girl is dressed, the guy has the impression that she is easy.  This usually happens in clubs. 

I think people who go clubbing feel that for that one night, their life is on a stage where one portrays their life in a socially constructed manner. Our behaviour is controlled to create a certain impression known as self-presentation and impression management. We dress according to the “dress code”; presenting ourselves to others and our goal is to manage the impression that has already been made of us…..

……………….Is all this drama worth for one night? ………………………..

 So what say you? Clubbing…. strenuous event?


English: Are you frowned upon if you don’t speak it? March 18, 2008

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This entry will be focused on a personal event that truly was an eye-opener for me. It was after a heavy note taking lecture that my friends and I decided to hang out and grab a bite to eat since surprisingly we were ALL free. What better place to go than a fast food restaurant?

My friend and I went to place the order, and the staff that was serving us was a middle aged crew leader. The counter next to us was handled by a young indian girl. We placed our orders, and both of them helped each other out by putting the food that we ordered on the tray. I decided to ask the young girl for some sauce, and she held her hand up asking me to wait. I was annoyed by her action but decided to let it pass. She told the crew leader what sauce we wanted and laughed. I was  thinking to myself “Asking them for sauce is funny? How interesting……”

If you think that this is rude…… Just hold your breath for what I’m about to say my friends…….

The young girl attended to a customer who was waiting at her counter. Now he is the most important person in this story. Let me describe him : Short, dark, medium built,  and a foreigner ( most probably from bangladesh).  ” one mc chicken” he says holding up a finger.   ” Eating here or take away ?” she asks with a annoyed look. He turns around and points to an empty table and mumbles ” Eat here..” The young girl still with an annoyed look, went to get his order. As the crew leader was also there, she told her in Malay “Orang keling bodoh.. ( that indian is stupid) ” and they both laughed. The girl handed him the order, ” sauce?” and she threw it on the tray. He took the tray and walked away.

What do you think ? Shouldn’t these kind of people be given a punishment? If you are working a service line, it requires you to be friendly and courteous. This is not the way to treat another human being. I have seen many people giving foreign workers these kinds of treatment. So what if the foreigner does not speak english? Is it a crime? Why is there discrimination? Why is there prejudice? These foreign workers leave their own country for many different reasons. Whatever the reasons may be, they have left their own country, sometimes even their own families, in search of a better opportunity. The only things that these people have are their friends. That is why they usually hang out together at Little india every sunday. Talking, laughing, eating and even drinking at void decks and grass patches in Little India because this is their only form of entertainment. 

The question is : Why did the young indian girl categorize the foreigner as stupid? Why didn’t she serve him with a smile like she was supposed to?

When someone is placed into a specific category, several assumptions about him or her can be made effortlessly. A stereotype is a very harmful thing because it influences our perception of a situation or person. Self- fulfilling prophesy can be used to explain the vicious cycle of stereotypes. Let’s use the fast food event as example to demonstrate this : Indian girl looks down on the foreigner because he is a bangladeshi, foreigner can’t speak english,  thus the behaviour from the foreigner confirms the indian girl’s stereotype.

 I am sure that you are all waiting to hear what I did since I was right there. I went back to my table and told all my friends about what had happened. I was very ticked off and I felt a sense of pity towards the foreigner. I knew i should not keep quiet because this is not the type of service anyone should get. Therefore my friend and I went to the counter and spoke to the manager about the quality of service that the fast food had offered. The manager was very apologetic towards us and offered to let his staff know. I was surprised at myself because I usually do not speak up. I did this in hope of no one ever receiving this kind of attitude from a person.



Presenting the words of Shereen ….. *claps* March 11, 2008

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A blog…. What does it mean to have one? What does it mean if you don’t have one? Some see blogs as a platform for penning down their thoughts , others see it as an avenue where people can gather insights of their lives. Not everyone writes or keeps a blog for the same reason. Nonetheless, the reason behind my blog would be completely different and interesting: Social Psychology.

WordPress, blogspot, livejournal etc. Why was it that I took such a long time in deciding which blog server to use? I even had to consult some of my friends who already had a blog. Choosing templates was another headache. Do the templates you choose really reflect who you are? This is something small that one should ponder about. I thought these things were supposed to be the easiest part of the whole process rather than than having the thoughts that the whole world would be reading your words; YOUR original words, ramblings, thoughts, emotions and feelings…….


 People reading your own words, sometimes personal thoughts would be shared on a blog  hoping that others will not look down upon you. So a note just for everyone who visits and share comments on my blog, please don’t feel insulted or intimidated to state your view because everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Let’s hope this blogging journey will be a eye-opener for all as every small little thing that happens in life can or may be supported by the wonderful theories adopted by social psychologists.